People Of Glassford

The main objective of the Glassford Community Group for 2021 (Scottish Charity Number SC050214) is to complete an asset transfer of the village hall from South Lanarkshire Council to create a true community hub.  We need your help and expertise in in our quest.

We know that while some people like attending meetings and working as a group, others prefer to influence from afar. It doesn’t matter which of these you are, if you have the skills then you can help.  By skills we mean everything from your background, your qualifications and also your local knowledge.

If you would like to help shape and influence the community where you live there are lots of ways you can get involved. Take a look below and see if you could be a member of a one of the groups from the comfort of your own living room.  We are not asking for a lot of your time and you really can make a difference if you get involved.  The more community support and involvement we can demonstrate the better our chance of a successful outcome on the asset transfer.

Our sub-groups

We are working with a consultant on the development of a Business Plan.  This is a key document as it tells SLC how we will fund the hall and how we will be able to sustain its operation over the first five years.


We need to be able to fund the purchase, design, development and ongoing running costs of the hall.  Our success in identifying funding sources will determine what we would be able to do with the full project over coming years.


We plan to undertake a survey on the condition of the hall at the moment, and we also need to assess what are the options on the site, which will include surrounding land.  The design will involve coordinating with how the community sees its use in the future and also how we rebuild to take account of climate change challenges.

Community Engagement 

A key element of our business plan is understanding what you, the community, wants from a community hub in our village hall.  Help us understand and act on the needs or issues of the community, helping to achieve positive change.


We need to develop a plan for how the hall will be used, how it will be accessed and how it will be managed.   


As a community group we need to be seen to be working together with other groups and organisation, both within Glassford and across Avondale.  We have to bring individuals, agencies, organizations and community members themselves together in an atmosphere of support to systematically solve existing and emerging problems that could not easily be solved by one group alone.  As a community hub there may be organisations across Avondale that can bring services to the community hub for the benefit of Glassford and its residents.

What is an asset transfer?

Asset transfer is a process to allow a community organisation to take over publicly owned land or buildings, in a way that recognises the public benefits that the community use will bring

One thought on “People Of Glassford

  1. I moved to Glassford a year ago and would like to be involved in village life, getting to know people as lockdown eases.
    I hope to attend the next virtual meeting of this group on 13th April as I am interested in finding out more about the work of this group and how I can perhaps help.


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