Make or Break 2023 – An update

Recently we posted the need for more people within the Glassford community to step forward to volunteer to help with Glassford Community Group and its objectives as a charity.

From that post three people have asked for more details on what help is required and two people offered to help out at events. We thank them for contacting us

This follow up is to clarify the level of help needed and to highlight the fact that without more people willing to get actively involved, we will not be able to sustain Glassford Community Group, its events and its objective of completing a community asset transfer of Glassford Village Hall. We have summarised the needs below.

1. The first major issue is that we need a chair to take over from James Newall and continue the superb work he did over a number of years in that role, taking us to charitable status and getting to the stage that an application for a community asset transfer of the village hall was successful. We also need a treasurer and secretary, and although Lisa and Les have said they are willing to continue, they will not be able to do so without significant community support and someone willing to take on the role of chair. Without a chair we cannot fulfil our obligations as a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation.

2. We need volunteers to both organise and support events. This includes identifying and negotiating with acts to appear in the hall, arrange and configure sound and lighting equipment and organise licences and hall hire. We also need a pool of people to take turns at events, running the bar and organising raffles.

3. We need people to contribute to the development of a business plan, detailing how the purchase of the hall will be taken forward and building on the original business plan in terms of income, expenditure, insurance and ongoing costs, events and functions and regular facilities including potentially a shop and café and regular cinema.

4. We need support for the development of a management plan to identify how the hall will be run and managed, including a booking system, caretaking services and key/access management. It will also need to cover facilities management as once the hall is the property of GCG all maintenance will be our responsibility.

5. We need people to develop plans for fundraising, which will be a significant piece of work as we anticipate major costs in renovation to transform the hall from its current state (which would require major work in itself to make it suitable as a long term venue even without making changes to reflect community priorities.) This is a critical element of the project.

6. Lastly we will need a management committee to run the hall once the asset transfer is complete, to ensure that day to day operations including g cleaning, maintenance can be effectively managed.

It is impossible to see how the above can be achieved without a significant increase in the number of active people involved in each of the above. We have had great support over the years from many people who have given time for events and meetings and to plan and prepare for events and the submission of the asset transfer application. However due to many circumstances, many of them are unable to continue to offer their time, which is understandable but leaves us in a position to state that without a significant number within our community willing to get involved we will have no option but to withdraw from the community asset transfer and rescind our hard fought for charitable status.

We have already incurred legal and consultancy costs on this matter and we need to cut our losses now to avoid spending more money unnecessarily.

We therefore have very little time to reach a decision and without positive responses from across our community by February 8th we will have to formally make contact with SLC to advise of a decision to withdra


2023 – A Make or Break Year

Happy new year and we hope 2023 is a good year for everyone in Glassford and beyond.

This is really a make-or-break year for Glassford Community Group. We were established as a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation in 2020 and we currently have three trustees (James Newall, Lisa Webb and Les Hoggan) and a number of volunteers, included in our Facebook group.

James has since stepped down as chairman of the group but will still get involved in the group if and when he is available. 2020 and 2021 were focussed on the development of a business plan and an application for the Community Asset Transfer of Glassford Village Hall. That application was approved by a committee of South Lanarkshire Council in December 2021, as was the award of a grant of £41,000 to cover the purchase cost and upkeep for around nine months following the handover to Glassford Community Group.

We have run three highly successful Beer and Gin Festivals and many music fundraisers since 2018, however there are no planned events yet agreed for 2023. We now need to make a pragmatic decision on how to proceed for the future, with the asset transfer not yet completed due to delays in the legal process. We cannot continue to complete the asset transfer until we are clear on a structure for Glassford Community Group to take us into ownership of the hall. That will involve significant management, financial and maintenance responsibilities which will be impossible with just three trustees and a reliance on volunteer availability.

We need a clear structure in place to ensure the successful transition to ownership and sound management of what would be a community asset and with plans for development of a community hub. The trustees are therefore asking for a community view on how we should proceed, and for volunteers to step up to help set out a management plan for the future. Without this we will have no option but to take the decision to withdraw from the Community Asset Transfer and to reassess the feasibility of continuing as a charity.

These decisions need to be taken as quickly as possible to avoid Glassford Community Group being left with an asset that it cannot effectively manage. The legal process to complete the asset transfer is continuing and we need to make a final decision quickly on the future of Glassford Community Group and also the Asset Transfer of the hall.

South Lanarkshire Council will already be in discussions on where next year’s budget will be going and will have no plans to provide further funding for the hall to keep it open due to approval for the Asset Transfer already having been agreed.

Approval for the Community Asset Transfer of Glassford Village Hall in December 2021 was based on a business plan developed by Glassford Community group after extensive community consultation showed that a community hub in the Village Hall was a high priority. Lisa and Les are happy to remain in their current positions if this is acceptable to the Group but only if we can agree an effective structure with adequate numbers actively involved to make the asset transfer work. Sadly, if we don’t get the commitment and help needed to effectively manage the hall, it may be closed/lost to the Glassford community forever and Glassford Community Group will be unable to continue as a charity.

If you are able to help, please send a message to Glassford Community Group on Facebook, leave a comment on the post on Facebook, email glassfordcommunitygroup@gmail.com or phone Les on 07557234124.


Minutes of AGM of Glassford Community Group August 3rd 2022

August 3rd 2022

Glassford Village Hall


Lisa Webb, James Newall, Lynn Webb, Martin McManus, Peter Coll, Fiona Coll, Clare Miller, Morag Walker, Les Hoggan, Stevie Urquhart, Steven Hefti, Donna Hefti, David Kilby, Sandra Kilby

Minutes of AGM 2021


Chair’s Report

The pandemic brought fundraising to a halt, however events have restarted almost once a month since November 2021.  We completed work on the Community Garden in 2021 based on funding from the Spirit of Lanarkshire Fund, with a working group in place to keep it in shape.

In December the Community Asset Transfer of the Glassford Village Hall was approved along with funding through a Renewable Energy Fund application to cover the purchase cost and ongoing costs for around 9 months. Our third Beer and Gin Festival was highly successful with over 700 people attending. We are currently undergoing a feasibility study for redevelopment with the aim of having the work costed by a quantity surveyor and to get sketch drawings that would allow us to put out a tender for architects to redesign the hall based on community priorities.

Various groups are looking to restart bookings for the hall and we have had a few enquiries about bookings for parties.  We have three further bookings for the remainder of the year for fundraising events.

Secretary’s Report

We were successful in a renewable energy fund grant of £41,000 to cover the cost of the purchase of the hall and the ongoing costs for the first nine months.  Our business plan meant that SLC gave us a 63% discount on the purchase cost leaving a net cost of around £32,000. We also are working on an application for fees to cover legal, consultancy and architectural costs. 

We are looking to implement a booking system for the hall allowing us to book individual rooms or the whole hall.  This is estimated to cost between £170 and £350 per year.

We applied for a regeneration grant under a Scottish Government scheme for around £700,000 as a first step towards the refurbishment costs.  Our application was well received but we were advised to reapply in 2023 when the work is scheduled to start as that fits better with the working of the scheme.  SLC was very supportive of our application.

Treasurer’s Report

The bank account currently has around £10,300.  Events are bringing in between £400 and £1300 depending on attendance, which has been good for most acts. There is a core bar stock in place after it having to be refreshed after the pandemic. The group has bought a number of items of sound equipment to support events including lights, speakers, amps, etc. the five latest events brought in £3999.71 with the bar the main profit area followed by the raffles. The Beer and Gin Festival generated £2927 for the group’s finances and there was £40 received through Amazon Smile. The charity return is due to be submitted by early October 2022.

Martin McManus

Martin took the meeting through a presentation on the background to the Community Asset Transfer including the community consultation and the development of the Business Plan that supported the application.  He highlighted the need for the community to get involved in the next steps which will be crucial to the success of the transfer of the hall. He proposed that we move on with the establishment of the five sub-groups covering Operations, Building, Funding, Collaboration and Community Comms & Marketing. It was also confirmed that a full condition survey had been undertaken which didn’t show up any major structural issues.

Next Steps

It was suggested that the Business Plan should be uploaded to and available on the website and it was agreed to do so. The website will be updated with images and video from recent events and that a blog should be added summarising the current position and the way forward. This would include where we are with the Asset Transfer and proposals for redevelopment, ideas for funding, plans for the year ahead, etc. We should also look to promote the website as the place to go for information.

There are also plans to see how Glassford Community Group can assist people over the winter.

Future events planned for the hall, outwith parties and community bookings, will feature Deacon Blue/Simples Minds tribute act on November 26th and the Soundsational Choir on December 17th.

Election of postholders

It was proposed that James Newall remain as Chair, Les Hoggan as Secretary and Lisa Webb as Treasurer, with Stevie Urquhart continuing to take responsibility for managing the group’s social media.  It was agreed that this be put in a post on the Group’s Facebook page asking for the views of the wider community.

The meeting ended at 8.15pm

Glassford Beer and Gin Festival 2022 Feedback

The feedback so far from the 2022 Glassford Beer and Gin Festival has all been very positive and supportive. We wanted to make it bigger and better and we think we did. However we want to develop the festival further for 2023 and need your feedback on what worked, what didn’t and how we can make it better for next year.

Aerial shot by Neil Arlot

To complete the survey, which will take a matter of minutes, go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7978FXV and follow the instructions. Your feedback would be much appreciated and you will be helping develop our festival for 2023.

Aerial shot by Neil Arlot

Defibrillator Training

We are running a further training session on CPR and use of our defibrillator. This will take place on February 22nd in Glassford Village Hall. If you are interested in attending please email glassfordcommunitygroup@gmail.com or send us a message to the Glassford Community Group Facebook page.

The defibrillator and CPR training will be taking place at 7pm on 22 February within the Glassford Village Hall. Can we ask that you be there about five minutes before just to ensure a prompt start for the Scottish Ambulance Service crew who will be there. Equally, if plans change and you can’t make it, can you please let us know. Looking forward to seeing you on the night.

Please note that you need to let us know in advance if you wish to attend due to the continuing need for Track and Trace and we need to know numbers in advance.

2022 Glassford Beer and Gin Festival

The 2019 Glassford Beer and Gin Festival


The Glassford Beer and Gin Festival is Back!
We are delighted to announce the return of the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival in 2022. And it’s going to be bigger and better than ever.

Ticket sales start on November 5th at 9am with the first set of tickets exclusively for all those who kindly let us know they were donating their tickets for the cancelled 2020 and 2021 events. An email or text message has gone out to all priority customers with a code to access the tickets on Eventbrite.

The link for tickets is https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/glassford-beer-and-gin-festival-2022-tickets-203011221027.

Tickets will be made available to Glassford residents from early w/b November 8th with the public sale starting on November 12th 2021.

How to buy your tickets:

  1. Go to https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/glassford-beer-and-gin-festival-2022-tickets-203011221027. Tickets £12.50 (subject to booking fee on Eventbrite purchases).
  2. Buy direct from the Glassford Community Group by contacting us via email (glassfordcommunitygroup@gmail.com) or Private Message the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival Facebook page. Until November 12th you will need to be on the priority list to get a ticket or from November 8th-12th be a Glassford resident.

We are planning a great day. We will have a gin bar featuring local suppliers with a large selection of gins to try. We will have a large range of beers and lagers. The ever popular Select Drams bar will be back. Not only will we have local gins to sample but you will also be able to purchase bottles to take home. In a new innovation for 2022 we will also have a rew rum bar featuring local company Old Mother Hunt Rum.

There will be a great selection of food from Glassford’s very own Fortune Dragon, plus stone baked pizzas and gourmet burgers cooked to order.

Thank you for your continued support. Look out for further information on Glassford Community Group (https://www.facebook.com/glassfordcommunitygroup) and the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/glassfordbeerandginfestival) pages, and here on the community group website.


  Glassford Community Group

Minutes of meeting: October 13th 2021 at 8pm

The meeting was held online


Janet Crawford

Les Hoggan

Morag Walker

David Kilby

Sandra Kilby

James Newall

Lisa Webb

Stevie Urquhart

Mark Shields

Leanne Caldwell


Gary Miller

Clare Miller

Andy Gray

Lynne Urquhart

Community Asset Transfer

The community asset transfer application for Glassford Village Hall went in on schedule on July 21st 2021.  A community consultation ended on September 9th with no submissions.  An initial review of the business plan was carried out by South Lanarkshire Council with no major issues identified and the feedback was very positive.  Further meetings have taken place with SLC including one relating to funding.  An enquiry to the Renewable Energy Fund was submitted for £35,000 to fund the purchase of the hall and the first quarter’s ongoing costs.  This was approved and moved on to application status.  The group can also apply to REF for funding to support legal, architect and consultant costs.

The Assessment Panel is due to sit shortly and a decision should be made on the discount level and the net cost for purchase once that is in place.  The Hall was valued at a gross cost of £80,000. The Environmental and Community Resources Committee sits on December 8th to formalise any decision by the Assessment Panel.

The Jersey Notes

To date around 100 tickets have been sold which covers the cost of running the event.  Posters have been printed for distribution around the area and articles have appeared in Strathaven Echoes.   An application is in for an alcohol licence and the hall is booked.  Prior to the event a review of alcohol stock will take place to identify what is needed for the event.

Glassford Calendar

The calendar is now complete and ready to go for printing.  It will sell at £8 meaning that around £6 will go to the Group funds for every calendar sold.  It will be promoted on social media and on the website.  It will also be available to buy from the website for local distribution or for £10 to be posted.  Calendars can also be collected from the Creative Strathaven shop at 2 Barn Street Mews.

Xmas Plans

The Xmas lights will be going up towards the end of November 2021 and there will be a switch on ceremony at a date to be confirmed. Liz Cooper of The Common Greenery to be contacted about a Xmas Tree for the corner of Alston Street and Jackson Street. A decision has still to be made about who will switch the lights on.

Future Events

It was agreed to plan for an event in the Hall on the last Saturday of each month.  There will be a Freddie Mercury tribute act in January and a Quiz Night in February followed by the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival at the end of March.  Contact has also been made with Oasis and Fleetwood Mac tribute acts.

Beer and Gin Festival

Planning for issue of tickets was discussed.  People on the priority list will be contacted on November 5th and will have a week to confirm purchase.  Tickets will cost £12.50.  Glassford residents will have access to tickets w/c November 8th with a public sale taking place from November 13th.

Acrylic pens have been purchased to update the year on the 2019 souvenir glasses. This will mean they will not go to waste and reduce costs.

To enable more space for customers it is planned to extend the area used for marquees further up Jackson Street.  Glassford Church has confirmed that the car park can be used for catering vans. At this stage it is not known whether the container currently in the pub car park will be removed ahead of the event.  Discussions ongoing about where the stage will be located. John McNiven to be contacted about building platforms for the bars.

It is planned to have five brewers, 2 gin suppliers, Select Drams and Old Mother Hunt Rum at the event.  Brewers were confirmed for the 2019 event and will be contacted first to assess whether they are available for March 2022.

It is planned to apply for a road closure from 7pm on Friday until 10am on the Sunday to allow time for marquees to be put up and taken down.


Book hall for Beer and Gin Festival: LH

Apply for alcohol licence for Beer and Gin Festival: LH

Assess current sponsors list: MS

Check Brewer and Gin supplier availability and also Old Mother Hunt Rum. Contact Select Drams: LH

Contact with guy who took lights down last year: JN

Apply for road closure: LH

Contact Joe Bailey about marquees: JN

Date of Next Meeting

October 20th at 7.30pm.  Details below. Follow link or scan QR Code.

Glassford Community Group Meeting

Time: Oct 20, 2021 07:30 PM London

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Meeting ID: 881 1096 7753

Passcode: 092055

Glassford Community Consultation 2021


You may recall we carried out an extensive community consultation a couple of years ago to identify the priorities of the community for what Glassford needs and also to gauge interest in the Group completing a Community Asset Transfer of the Village Hall.

We have been in discussions with South Lanarkshire Council for some time and made good progress, with plans to submit an application for a Community Asset Transfer of the Village Hall by July 21st 2021. This would allow a review of the application and a decision by the end of December 2021.

to support development of our business plan we really need to know what you think of the plans, how you would like to see the hall used and to assess your views on establishing it as a community hub with numerous facilities, services and activities.

We ask you to help us by completing the online survey at https://wh1.snapsurveys.com/s.asp?k=161962644066. It won’t take long and you really would be helping not only the Glassford Community Group but the community of Glassford in supporting our aims to establish a community hub.

Glassford Community Group: Minutes of meeting on April 13th 2021

Minutes of meeting held online April 13th 2021 at 7pm


James Newall and Lisa Webb

Les Hoggan and Morag Walker

Mark Shields

Fiona Anderson

Nancy Luke

David and Sandra Kilby

Alan and Louise Mairs

Jinty Crawford

Stevie Urquhart

Paul and Lee Rogers

Elaine Richardson

Jennifer McEwan

Lyn Drummond


Martin McManus

Clare Miller

Lynne Urquhart

Aileen Anderson and Tom Hindsmarch

James as Chair opened the meeting by thanking everyone for their attendance, especially those attending a Glassford Community Group meeting for the first time.

Mark Shields gave an update on appointing a building surveyor to undertake a full and independent survey of the hall.  Following advice from Nigel Thomson Mark contacted Wisemans in East Kilbride and is awaiting a response.  If nothing is heard this week he will move on to other options.  The aim is to carry out a survey in the coming weeks to assess the condition of the hall and its feasibility for renovation as a community hub.

Les and James have both contacted architects, with James pointed out we need to assess the qualifications of all we talk to in order to ensure they are suitably qualified to enable access to funding organisations.  

There was a discussion on key dates.  Our community application transfer application has to be submitted by July 21st in order for it to follow all the necessary steps to an SLC committee meeting in December, when a decision on the transfer will be made, based on officer recommendations. It was pointed out that an application can be made conditional on funding being granted to support the business plan, taking account that many funders are likely to be focussing on COVID-19 funding for the remainder of 2021.  It is likely to be into 2022 before they revert to normal funding practices enabling us to access the necessary funds.

Sub-Groups: It was agreed to proceed with allocating volunteers to sub-groups, with chairs already in place for each of the five. The first step will be for each sub-group to meet with Martin, our consultant, to agree the scope and extent of work and to document a remit.  This will ensure no duplication of effort and also enable cross-discussions between the groups as they progress on their remits.

It was agreed that we should proceed with the local consultation as soon as possible, with the survey available for delivery to all households (one per person, not per household), to Glassford Primary School and to pupils at Strathaven Academy and Holy Cross in Hamilton.  The survey will also be available for completion online on the website and social media, and will be published in Strathaven Echoes.  It was also agreed that surveys will be collected from households and schools within one week to ensure households are focussed on it and to enable its findings to be documented for the business plan.

Each of the new attendees then told the meeting their areas of expertise and specialisms and all agreed to take part in the sub-groups, as have some who could not make the meeting.

James then summarised other ongoing projects, including plans for a garden of contemplation at a site identified near the graveyard.  This came from an idea suggested by Jinty and it was agreed that after three quotes for the work were obtained funding applications would be made to Kype Muir Community Fund and the Renewable Energy Fund to cover the costs. A request has been made to Registers of Scotland to try to identify any owner.

James also summarised progress made with the new bench for the top of the Borlands and it was suggested that the existing bench be resited at a bend on Muirburn Road with good views across the valley.  Jinty also confirmed that she has arranged for two new dog waste bins to be installed round the Borlands.  These will be installed by South Lanarkshire Council and will also be added to its collection cycle.

Date of next meeting: May 18th 2021 at 7pm, online.

Meeting details

Topic: Glassford Community Group May Meeting

Time: May 18, 2021 07:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 837 6938 8766

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