Events in Glassford

Big Vern ‘N’ the Shootahs live

Big Vern ‘N’ the Shootahs live in Glassford Village Hall on Saturday April 27th 2019.  Tickets available priced £20 from Glassford Community Group (Check Facebook page) and Roasted in the Common Green in Strathaven.  Tickets are also available on Eventbrite at Big Vern ‘N’ the Shootahs


JJ Gilmour Live in the Steayban

The Glassford Community Group is supporting an event in The Steayban scheduled for June 8th 2018.  This is an evening of dinner followed by a live performance by JJ Gilmour.

Internationally acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter JJ Gilmour made his recording debut in 1989 with The Silencers, one of Scotland’s top bands who enjoyed huge success throughout Europe. A naturally gifted musician, (in his youth, JJ came very close to a career in classical music as a tenor) he first joined the band as a backing vocalist though later in the bands career JJ progressed seamlessly to lead vocalist.

Seven action-packed years of gigging and recording ensued during which The Silencers had gold albums, sold over half a million records for BMG/RCA, headlined major rock festivals and were regulars on hit TV shows across Europe. However, all good things must come to an end and after this successful period with the band, JJ decided he needed to take on new challenges and embarked upon a solo career.

Tickets are limited to 40 and are only available online at JJ Gilmour Tickets on Eventbrite

Glassford Beer and Gin Festival 2019

Glassford Beer and Gin Festival 2019: March 30th 2019 from 12pm.  SOLD OUT

More events will follow throughout 2019 so keep looking here for details.

GUN Live in Glassford: November 30 2018.   SOLD OUT

GUN Glassford-0114

Big Minds Live in Glassford: December 22nd SOLD OUT.

Big Minds-0723