McLeans Gin

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From an inconspicuous cupboard of a South Glasgow tenement flat, a colourful collection of craft spirits was born.

In June 2017, McLean’s Gin began producing bespoke gin, made to order and on a bottle-by-bottle basis from the converted storage cupboard of our 1 bedroom Battlefield flat. Fast forward to now; we’re producing that same gin – as well 5 others (and the odd one-off) – in batches of no more than 50l from our purpose-built gin lab on the edge of the charming village of Strathaven.

In September 2017; following some pretty drastic learning curves and an almost incalculable number of 12 hour days, McLean’s Gin landed on it’s first shelf. Only days later, we took on our first gin festival – finding ourselves sandwiched between 2 of Scotland’s biggest gin producers. We didn’t even have a table-cloth, but this small detail didn’t do much to detract from peoples enjoyment of our proud creation. Whilst we thought people might have been horrified at the prospect of our “Cupboard gin”, most were thrilled by our story and more supportive than we could ever have wished for.

A range of gins will be available at the Glassford Beer and Gin Festival including

The Glesart Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur 

A great liquid needs a great label, and we are absolutely stunned by the work of our Graphic Designer Lorraine Smith; Smithy Graphics & Illustration and local artist Mhairi Anderson; Draw Ma Hoose.

Harris Farm Meats has provided some great botanicals for this one…we’re thinking those gin-soaked red gooseberries might make a nice gin jam, too? Don’t hold us to it, but if we can find the time we’ll make it happen. We’re looking forward to The Glesart making it’s debut at Glassford Beer and Gin Festival on March 30th. There will approximately 50 bottles on this run – and sadly this means not enough for everyone – but we’re already planning on how to double the production (or more) for next year’s event. We wish we could have made more, but are a bit limited by being so tiny.

Bottles will be available for £30.00 for a 70cl with 10% of the total sale value (£3.00 per bottle) going to Glassford Community Group.


Where it all began.

Tasting Notes: Rich aniseed, fresh Seville orange, sweet Scottish rose petals and spicy cubeb berries.

Perfect Serve: 1 parts (refrigerated) McLean’s Signature, 2 parts Mediterranean tonic, sliced red apple (horizontal cross section), ice.


Light-hearted, but serious(ly tasty).

Tasting Notes: Black cherry, sweet marzipan, bitter almond and a pinch of nutmeg.

Perfect Serve: 1 parts McLean’s Cherry Bakewell, 2 parts classic Indian tonic, maraschino garnish, ice.
Sweet tooth? Try it with Cream Soda.


The original wedding gin.

Tasting Notes: Fresh summer fruits, marzipan, vanilla and cardamom with intriguing, herbaceous undertones.

Perfect Serve: 1 parts McLean’s Something Blue, 2 parts Bon Accord Classic Tonic, muddled garden mint and sliced cucumber, ice. 


Spring Seasonal Release.

Tasting Notes: Sweet fennel, Scottish rose and tart hibiscus with a gently spiced finish.

Perfect Serve: 1 parts McLean’s Floral, 2 parts rose lemonade, fresh lavender sprig, blueberries and ice.


Summer Seasonal Release.

Tasting Notes: Juicy orange, tart lemon and fresh lime with a savoury finish of rosemary and bay.

Perfect Serve: Serve as a classic G&T over plenty of ice with a slice of your favourite citrus fruit, torn bayleaf or rosemary sprig.


Winter Seasonal Release.

Tasting Notes: Fresh pine, spicy ginger and sweet cinnamon with deep, woody, whisky-like undertones.

Perfect Serve: Serve as a G&G (gin & ginger ale) with a slice of plum or stick of cinnamon, or try in a Hot Gin Punch.