Achievements so far

First ever public Glassford Xmas Tree

On December 9th 2018, gala queen Lauryn Urquhart pressed the button to light up Glassford’s first Xmas Tree, organised by the Community Group.  The tree was donated by David Duncan of South Lanarkshire Tree Care with the lights donated by the Group.

There are plans to look at options for Xmas lights around the roundabout for 2019.

Donation to Glassford Primary School Foodbank Collection

In December 2018 the Glassford Community Group approved a donation to the Glassford Primary School Foodbank collection.  This year the school is donating to the Clyde, Avon and Nethan Foodbank.

Glassford Primary Foodbank

Development of Glassford Playpark


Community Consultation October 2018

During the course of October 2018 we are carrying out a community consultation on the future of Glassford Village Hall.  This involves providing each household within the defined community of Glassford (including rural properties in all directions from the village), with a questionnaire to complete (as many per household as required).  We are also consulting with Glassford Primary School pupils, Strathaven Academy pupils, St Patrick’s Primary pupils and church congregations to assess the needs of the community and its priorities for the use of the hall.

We have also consulted with existing letholders and are liaising closely with South Lanarkshire Council and South Lanarkshire Leisure on our plans for the Hall and for retaining it as a community facility.

The deadline for completing the questionnaire is October 31st.  The next stage will be to hold a public meeting to discuss the outcomes from the survey and to take the final report to South Lanarkshire Council for further discussion ahead of asessing funding options.

Please download the questionnaire, complete it, and return it to

Click here to access the questionnaire