Glassford Beer and Gin Festival 2022 Brewers and Spirits

The Glassford Beer and Gin Festival on March 26th 2022, which was completely sold out.  Entertainment was provided throughout the event by a number of music performances by a variety of local acts. Brewers attending were Ayr Brewing, Tryst Brewery, Kelburn Brewing and Overtone Brewing.  One more brewer has still to confirm.  In addition a company from Sheffield which produces honey cider also attended.  Gin companies included McLean’s Gin, Jaunty Camper Gin, Shoogle Gin and Inspirited, with Old Mother Hunt Rum also taking a table.

Here are the links to all those who attended:

Ayr Brewing:

Glasgow Beer Works:

Kelburn Brewery:

Overtone Brewery:

Tryst Brewery:

ZZinga Honey Cider:

Old Mother Hunt Rum:

Inspirited Gin:

Jaunty Camper Gin:

McLeans Gin:

Shoogle Gin:

Glasgow Gin School:

Select Drams: