Our aims

Glassford Community Group was formed in 2014 with the initial objective to transform the playpark in the village to encourage the children of the village to use it.

After raising around £60,000, this objective was successfully achieved in early 2017, with two new facilities completed.

The Community Group is now working to achieve its further objectives of:

  • Securing the village hall as a community resource with facilities that reflect the wishes of the people of Glassford
  • Putting in place a business plan to help raise the funding required to renovate the hall and put in place facilities that support the community of Glassford
  • Organising events in the hall to entertain the community and to raise further funds to sustain maintenance and ongoing development of facilities
  • Developing the village cemetery to ensure its history is recorded and communicated through signage and information boards

Helping make Glassford better for the future


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